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A hands-off system run by Clayton for the busy professional who doesn't have time to manually enter trades and enjoys a robotic approach that produces responsible and consistent returns.


Forex is the world's largest market by far, and its most liquid one. The equivalent of the entire world's annual GDP is traded on the Forex market every 10 days or so.


To those who have mastered it's movements, it is truly a wealth of opportunity.

There is No Market Like

the Forex Market.


What does the Forex in Forex Copy Trade refer to?

These terms may seem intimidating if you are not familiar with them, but with a few quick explanations and answers to some commonly asked questions, you will be well on your way to embracing the world of Forex Copy Trades. First, it is helpful to understand what is meant by Forex. Forex is an abbreviation for Foreign Exchange, and this term refers to the foreign exchange market. This is a global marketplace, but it functions like other types of financial markets. In this market, currencies are bought and sold, and as the current rates change, investors either make or lose money on their investments. The levels of returns and risks can vary greatly depending on many factors. 


What is meant by copy trading?

Copy trading is another example of a term that seems like it would be quite complicated to a novice, but it can actually be broken down into relatively simple terms. Basically, copy trading is a process by which your investments mirror someone else’s investments. To accomplish this, your financial portfolio is connected directly with the person you are mirroring. When this person makes any type of transaction within the financial market, it will be copied automatically by you. A Forex Copy Trade is when you mirror someone’s portfolio specifically within the foreign exchange market.


What are the benefits of Forex Copy Trade?

When you choose Forex Copy Trade as your investment strategy, you are no longer alone in the complex, often unnerving world of trades and investing. By aligning yourself with a transparent, reputable company, like AllenFX, you have a reputable partner by your side for  every step of the way. The main advantage to this type of investment strategy is knowing that if you do not make money, then your partner is not making money either. There is a pretty powerful built-in incentive with Forex Copy Trade in that everyone’s money is on the line at all times. This is distinctly unlike other styles of investing where the person advising you or managing your portfolio may actually have no real stakes because they are only dealing with your money, not their own. With Forex Copy Trade, you can rest assured that your partner is literally working as hard for your money as they would for their own, and that is a huge advantage in the investment world.


Are Forex Copy Trade services ever free?

When you choose to partner with AllenFX, whether or not you pay for services is completely up to you. We do offer multiple levels of service, including a free option. With the free option, you will receive weekly in-depth trade analysis. This information is useful no matter what your skill level or knowledge regarding copy trading, from those who are new to the world of Forex Copy Trade to those who have been in this industry for decades. 


What are the options to pay for Forex Copy Trade services?

If you would like to invest in the Forex Copy Trade services provided at AllenFX, there are plenty of paid options for you to consider. At the first paid level of service, you will have insider knowledge of all the trades being made at AllenFX. As a member of this elte inner circle, you will be invited to participate in the trades. This is a great way to get your feet wet in the world of Forex Copy Trade. For those who are serious about copy trading, the top paid level is a full service option where you can reap all of the benefits and conveniences of Forex Copy Trading. At this level, you never have to touch your portfolio or manually enter a trade. All of the work is done for you. For many busy professionals, having time to research trade options, make decisions about trades, and then actually going through with them is simply too time-consuming. You can skip the hassle and still expect to see consistent, responsible returns on your investment.


If I choose to utilize Forex Copy Trade, is my information and funds secure?

Whenever you are making decisions about your financial future, especially when they involve sharing your personal information with a third party, it is smart to do your due diligence when it comes to what company you choose to work with. A trustworthy, reputable investment company will have no problem answering all of your questions and sharing their credentials. Matters of money can be sensitive, so you also want to make sure you are completely comfortable with the company and anyone you interact with. The primary benefit of Forex Copy Trade is that you do not have to spend time and energy worrying about your investments. If you are not at ease with your trade partner, you will be losing out on this benefit. It is vital to work with an honest and transparent company, and it is also important to spend some time interacting with the company to ensure you are making the best decision for your future investments.


What are the risks involved with Forex Copy Trade?

Like any other form of investing, Forex Copy Trade does come with some risk. Because you are not in direct control of your investments, it is vitally important that you have full trust in the company you are working with. In the foreign exchange market, like other types of financial markets, there are fluctuations and sometimes a level of unpredictability. This basically means that even though you may come out way ahead with your investment, there will be times when you do not see a positive return. When this happens, the trust you have in who is managing your portfolio will ensure you do not panic or make impulsive decisions about your investments. The portfolio you are mirroring will have ups and downs, and that means that your portfolio will, as well. When it comes to any kind of investments, you need to be financially and emotionally prepared for at least some level of risk.